Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's been almost a year since this charity raising concept was presented to the world, actually March 25th will be the one anniversary of Have then Give for disaster relief. Our hope is the movers and shakers in the entertainment world will grab hold of this concept in the wake of the next mega disaster. We will keep the dream alive. HAVEthenGIVE baby!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rockin the Red Carpet Live with Vince Neil for Music For Relief North American Tour

Benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation & Music for Relief.

Dallas 6/6

Nashville 7/3

Monday, June 20, 2011

HAVE then GIVE explained on Grant Cardone Live!

Grass Roots coming to the Main Stream. Stay Tuned!

Video streaming by Ustream

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ALABAMA PROJECT≈♥≈CAN-DO sets up Community Distribution Center-Pratt City,AL

Amazing Video By Eric Klein of CAN-DO.org

In my 43 years of life I have never been more stirred by the COMPASSION into ACTION pumping through Eric's soul! He's is truly a needle in the haystack that has saved and improved thousands of disaster victims lives WORLDWIDE. Now it's mission Alabama! This is where corporate donations & advertising revenue are going! The world will be able to watch it all happen LIVE! Right HERE! I have never felt more confident in a charity than I do about CAN-DO. Compassion into Action with Direct Outcome!

Michael Nast Founder HAVEthenGIVE

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have Then Give hits the WFAA-TV News 8 Update LIVE!

As broadcasted Live by News Anchor Shelly Slater of WFAA TV ABC affiliate Dallas Fort Worth.

The related web article is on WFAA.COM right here

Boom we just dropped ANOTHER social media carpet bomb on the SOCIALVERSE!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hurricane Season starts today!

Hurricane Season starts today! Let's MAN up! 16 to 18 canes are forecasted. Let's be over prepared to assist disaster victims, you know it's coming again & again. We are averaging an EPIC NATURAL DISASTER once a month this year! Let's Roll! Please like >> Have Then Give 10by10 for Red Cross Disaster Relief & follow us on Twitter HERE for all breaking updates now! We need volunteers for everything! You name it! We are shooting for Cowboys Stadium for the home of this EPIC GIVE A THON. We will keep you posted, please keep reposting & sharing this >>>

HAVEthenGIVE just 10by10 I will be 1of10 this summer for Disaster Victims!

That's all you need to do right now! That's It! Tweet it! Post it! Share it! Blog it! You Tube Video it! & we will be happy to post your video or blog link here for the WORLD to see! Let's do it!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MLB, MLBPA team up for tornado relief efforts. Now that's what we mean by Haves Giving back in the name of disaster relief!

Kudos to MLB & MLBPA for teaming with such a great charity as Heart to Heart International & donating $200k to help disaster victims out. HAVE's are Giving and that's what HAVEthenGIVE is all about, plus we are now making it a epically beneficial for all parties involved. Victims, donors, & our corporate sponsors! WIN WIN WIN!

Read the full story on HERE on MLB.COM

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is what we mean by HAVE then GIVE!

People like this You Tuber, Prepper1776 embody the message of HAVEthenGIVE, now is the time for EVERYONE to feel & hear it! Let's Roll Baby!!

HAVEthenGIVE 10by10 I will be 1of10 for disaster victims!

Monday, May 23, 2011

HAVEthenGIVE 10by10 GIVEaTHON & Facebook/American Express Big Break Press Releases

Dallas ,TX- HAVEthenGIVE.org will effect massive disaster relief worldwide. It will be fast, effective, and lasting relief for those in the need. They currently are in negotiations with both the American Red Cross & CAN-DO.org to be the headline charities is this epic 10 day event.This event will air LIVE via ALL social media broadcasting sources. 10 million social users will raise $100,000,000 for disaster victims WORLDWIDE. 100 million social users would raise a BILLION in just 10 days. They are asking EVERYONE to SPREAD the WORD! HAVEthenGIVE is currently open to other possible charity participants. A billion can help everyone. They are just asking the HAVES of the world to GIVE in the name of disaster victims just $10 at a time.

THE ONLY DONATION HAVEthenGIVE asks from social media users before the GIVEaTHON is to copy and paste the following to all your social media accounts!

"HAVEthenGIVE 10by10 I will be 1of10 this summer for Disaster Victims!
Love is a four letter word! So are HAVEthenGIVE!"

Dallas, TX- HAVEthenGIVE.org submitted their entry, as a non profit business, in the American Express OPEN Small Business Contest on Facebook. They are competing for $20k in social advertising funds from AMEX & $2,500 in Facebook Advertising credits. Winner also gets flown to Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto for a two day Facebook Ad Team makeover. They will announce the finalist June 1st. The public will vote via Facebook as to who will be the five winners. HAVEthenGIVE will be judged by the top professionals in the industry. This could be an Epic win for the #HAVEthenGIVE social media movement!

Press inquires can be directed to

Monday, May 16, 2011